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Alicante province has the most sunny days and Europe's "best" climate.

If you are considering buying a house or property in Spain, Alicante province should be at the top of the options in Spain. Communication with Norway, the rest of Spain and the rest of the world is excellent. Very central and good airport, good road network and train that takes 2 hours to Madrid and 1.5 hours to Valencia. Fantastic beaches, restaurants and exciting nature experiences. It is said that Alicante is one of the places with the most sunny days in Europe. Much lower costs for food and drink, electricity, transport and dentist/doctor etc. also means that you can have a very good financial life in the Alicante province even on pension income.

Find your house or apartment in Alicante.

Find your house or apartment in Alicante.

At Alicante Property, you can find all types of houses and properties. We have access to a database of approximately 5000 houses and properties in the province of Alicante, from Denia in the north to Murcia in the south. If you are looking to buy a property in Alicante, I would start searching in the largest database for the Alicante province that is available in the Norwegian market. We have gathered houses and properties from over 30 different developers and real estate agents in Alicante. Prices for houses and properties in Alicante are much lower than, for example, the Malaga area. And compared to houses and cabins in Norway, both the price of housing and the cost of living are much lower.

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