Alicante Property - Estate agent (property agent) in Alicante province
Alicante Property - Estate agent (property agent) in Alicante province Alicante Property - Estate agent (property agent) in Alicante province

Alicante Property

Alicante Property - Estate agent (property agent) in Alicante province

Who and what is Alicante Property

Alicante Property is a Norwegian agent for over 30 developers and estate agents in the Alicante province. The properties can be found from Murcia in the south to Denia in the north. There are currently almost 5,000 new and used houses/villas and homes in the database (including homes and apartments located in the backend), and it is growing continuously with new Spanish developers and estate agents adding their houses/villas and homes to this database.

This is one of the largest databases of houses/villas and residences in the Alicante province as on a Norwegian portal for. Here you will find everything from the most exclusive villas to the less used homes. If you are considering buying an apartment or house/villa in Alicante province, which stretches from Valencia to Murcia, then you should start looking here.

Our job at Alicante Property is to connect you as a buyer with the developer or estate agent in Alicante who has exactly the property that you want to buy or know more about. We are therefore not an estate agent, but an agent (home seeker). As an agent, we have the overview that connects you to the right home and developer/real estate agent. You will save a lot of time and costs by not having to run around to different real estate agents. We do this for you at no cost to you. The purchase itself and the legal aspects will take place between you and the developer/real estate agent. We always recommend using your own lawyer in connection with a purchase. But the start of your residential dream in Spain starts here at Alicante Property. We have offices in Lillestrøm (right by the train station) and in Santa Pola / Gran Alacant, as well as that we can take meetings at the office facilities of Regus Alicante, centrally in Alicante city. But when you get further in the process, the dialogue will mainly be between you and the right developer/real estate agent in Alicante. Alicante Property is within Vesima as's business areas and you start the process with an email to general manager and agent Tom Martinsen -, or phone +47 924 93 220.


Our team

Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis
Estate agent, English but also speaks Spanish.